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Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to solve "No ringtone when receive sms" problem

Some of us might have face this problem before on N73. I have this problem myself few months ago. When i receive sms, there was no ringtone from my N73(i didn't set silent mode) . I don't know when is the msg received, but it is inside my inbox. It is kinda annoying as i miss many sms and need to keep checking my inbox cause my N73 wont ring.

After a few try on my phone, i found the problem and solution.
The problem is there are too much sms in the inbox. I had more than thousand sms insides my inbox and i never bother to delete it. So to solve it:

  1. Delete the old sms on your phone as much as possible.
  2. Restart your phone.

This should solve the problem, it work for me. Hope it help.

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  1. I tried deleting old sms but i still have the same problem. another major issue on my n73 is that i have hundreds of messages in my draft which i cannot delete. although there is the delete option and after selecting yes, the messages still stay in my draft. i have more than 100 undelete-able messages in my draft now. please help me.