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Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Format your symbian phone

A symbian phone is just like a mini computer, it is powerful but easy to mess up or infected with virus if you did not manage it wisely. Formatting a symbian is very easy and can be done in just 1 minute. There are 2 kind of formation. By pressing the number below and wait for it to reboot.

Reset setting
It will reset your phone program / settings。but will keep the data (e.g. software, image ...)
It will just reset all your phone setting to default setting.

2. *#7370#
Reformat All
It will totally reformat all data in your phone memory C:
All data in your phone memory will be gone. [Drive C: will be formated]
The symbian OS will be reinstall and all setting return to default upon reboot.

However your memory card is not formated. [Drive E:]

To format your memory card, you can to go menu>tools>memory>option>Format mem.card

Personally i recommend you to backup everything important to your PC. After that start to format your memory card then only follow with *#7370# format.

Both 1 and 2 method will request for a password, the default password is 12345.


  1. Hi! Thanks a lot. Your blog has helped me alot. However I would like to ask, there is something called the hard reset which requires you to switch off the phone then hold the (green call button), (*) and (3) together. I actually tried this and it didn't seem to work. Must I hold it till the format word comes out even after the pin code screen comes out? Would really appreciate it id you can help. Thanks!

  2. I could make use of all the softwares mentioned in your blog..keep writing...and yes i have clicked some ads while downloading....thanx once again...nice blogs....

  3. MY N73 has a
    Softwaer name

    help me

    how to stop the KERN.EXE

  4. try to master reset.

    switch off your phone then.. press

    call,star *, 3, and on button.

    DO NOT RELEASE all of those until your screen ask u to choose region (like new phone 1st time setting)

    ps: back up all your important stuff etc: phone book

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  6. Hi, could you help me with these errors:

    1. "unable to perform operation" - when trying to switch on bluetooth.

    2. "Primary camera" after slide is opened simply shows a "black screen".

    My email id is:

    Thanks in advance.

    Ganesh K.
    Kerala, Tvm.