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Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to change your N73 to N73 ME

Changing N73 to N73 ME is an easy step. There are two things that you need to know
  1. Changing the Product Code [about product code]
    To change your phone to N73 ME use the following product code:
    EMEA version of the N73 Music Edition:
    0537289 Euro 1
    0539193 France
    0539207 Alps
    0539239 Euro 2
    0539256 Turkey
    0539265 South Africa
    0539269 Scandanavia
    0539278 Baltains
    0539279 Russia
    0539284 Ukraine
    0539285 Bulgaria
    0539289 Hungary
    0539291 Balkans
    0539293 Greece/Cypurs
    0539294 Lebanon
    0539295 Gulf
    0539298 Israel
    0539299 Romania
    0539341 Belarus

    APAC version of the N73 Music Edition:
    0539343 -> APAC 1 ...Chinese, English
    0539346 -> Philippines ...English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
    0539349 -> Australia/New Zealand ...English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
    0539352 -> Indonesia ...English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
    0539354 -> India/Vietnam ...English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
    0539351 -> Thailand ...English, Thai

  2. Update N73 Firmware with Nokia Software Updater [How to update?].
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    1. Can I change the shotcut-button configuration somehow? With original N73 Firmware I had my most used apps there, but with the ME firmware I can only access media player (or radio when holding the button pressed).

    2. how can i do this with a german phone and how do i change the codes?

    3. hey admin,,
      i m sufffring strange problem with my n73.its inbox messages are deleted automatically after a perticuler time period.

    4. hey akki you can change settings go to message settings - test message settings - message validity - change it into maximum time and its done.