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Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to silent/disable shutter sound of N73 camera

By default, when you taking photo with N73 camera, it automatically will produce a shutter sound. With N73 powerful speaker, the shutter sound can be quite annoying and embarrassing specially when you taking picture inside a room of people. The shutter sound can't be disable if you are from Asia-Pacific region. This is because the laws here said so. [To avoid people taking your personal photo without your notice]
Since i bought N73 ME, i been searching all over internet for the solution to turn off the shutter sound. Finally, i found it! I would like to share it with you now.

You only need to install this software into your N73. It will automatically run on the background. Your phone will be functioning just like normal. When you want to turn off the camera shutter sound, you just switch to silent mode, that all!

from megaupload
Download from rapidshare

This software is unsign, therefore you need to hack your phone so you can install it. But don't worry, hacking your n73 is just a piece of cake. Just follow my tutorial, no sweat.
How to hack N73 in 5 minutes

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  1. Nice Dear
    Nice post
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  2. Hiii...can u plz tell me how to download the original Asphalt 2 game on my N73..plz wud be sooo kind of u...thanxxx

  3. salam...n73 saya x dpt install software ini.
    "application not compatible with phone" apa harus saya buat?

  4. You need to hack the phone before installing it. Just follow the link above: How to hack your n73 in 5 minutes

  5. [salam...n73 saya x dpt install software ini.
    "application not compatible with phone" apa harus saya buat?]

    just don't mind it, continue anyway, i tried it on my N73, it works.

  6. does it affect the flash function after installing this software? because after i install it, it seems that my flash only flashes 2 times unlike before where it flashes multiple times when shooting camera.

    any ways, is the owner of this blogspot a Filipino ?

  7. Worked perfectly on my phone. Thanks. Had to hack the phone using your other turorial though.

  8. hey thanks man..........its simply superb.......

  9. thanks,, it worked for me

  10. Thanks dude it worked..!!!

  11. thanx friend , it's realy wonderful.

  12. hi, all the download link has been removed, can provide another link?

  13. This file dos not exist anymore.
    Please update the or mention software name is detail so that anyone can google this.