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Sunday, December 20, 2009

FAQ of firmware Update

Before we start, there are some FAQ that you might want to know before proceed to update your firmware.
  1. What is firmware?
    Firmware is the program that run and control your phone. Without firmware, your phone is just like a car without a driver.

  2. Why do i need to update my firmware?
    No product in this world is perfect. There are bugs and problems of phone that only be discover by phone user after the phone had released. Nokia is getting feedback from users and try to fix the problems. So every time they fix and improve the phone, they will release new firmware for user to update it. Update firmware is just like updating your windows.

  3. Will my data in the phone loss after firmware update?
    Yes, your data will be loss. So make sure you do all your backup before firmware update.

  4. Will my phone continues to support my native language after firmware update?
    For those who buy Original N73, it is more likely your phone will remain the same support of language. For those who buy AP phone (Referring to Hand Phone set that is not imported by Authorized Distributor respectively), you might loss support of your native language. But no fear, it is just matter of changing product code. Included in the tutorial.

  5. Can i change my N73 firmware to N73 Music Edition or N73 Internet Edition?
    Yes, you can. It is only the matter of changing the product code. Included in the tutorial.

  6. What do I gain from firmware update?
    Your phone will be much better after firmware update, faster, improve camera, fix bugs, improve sound..etc. The main aim of this tutorial is to teach you to update firmware yourselves at home for free. Of course you can send your phone to any phone shop for update but it might cause you some money.

  7. What if i fail during the process of firmware update?
    This might be cause by improper procedure or electric blackout during updating the firmware. Your phone might not be working if the update fail (unlikely to happen). If this really happen, consider yourselves as the unlucky one, take your phone to nearest Nokia Service Centre, they will flash the firmware for you. Your phone will back to life in no time.
If everything clear, we will proceed to the firmware update tutorial. Click here


  1. Hi,
    My phone(N73 ordinary) has an outdated firmware compared to the latest release of 4.0839.42.0.1 by nokia.But anytime i wanna upgrade using the NSU,its always saying i have the latest firmware installed on it.what can i do?i'll really appreciate your help.

  2. what is your current firmware? and what is your location? some firmware is only limited to some area, you have to change the product code if that happen.

  3. Can I change my Nokia N73 in N 79 or any other up grade phone ?

  4. nop, u cant change N73 to other model with difference hardware. You can switch between N73 to N73 ME or N73 IE or N73 SE because they all have the same hardware.

  5. what is N73 IE or SE? what is the difference?which is the better version?

  6. how do we know the kind of firmware that we have?

  7. Difference between N73IE and SE, i already stated in N73 spec. please check.

    Type on your phone to check your current firmware version.

  8. will the new software for internet edition differs from the old 73 nusic edition xpress key. could i change it back to the music player by default in the menu..

  9. hi there...
    im using

    nokia n73 (12)


    so is this the latest firmware?

  10. v 4.0839.42.21
    rm 133

    nokia n73[p2.01]

    tis is mine
    is tis is the latest one

    or old one

  11. Hey,
    My phone(N73 me) has an old firmware 4.0812.4.2.1 compared to the latest release of 4.0839.42.2.1 by nokia.But anytime i wanna upgrade using the NSU,its always saying u have the latest firmware installed on it.what can i do for this???

  12. change your product code 1st. Some firmware only available for certain region or country.

  13. Before updating the there any way to backup messages(from the memory card) from phone to pc?
    (pls suggest if theres a method in which we can view the messages on the pc)

  14. I have V 4.0839.42.2.1
    Can i update it's firmware
    Wich product code i use plz rply