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Saturday, December 19, 2009

DDDragon Full package

Maybe you keep dog, cat or other kind of animal as pet in reallife or in games. But have you ever think about keeping a dragon as pet? Here comes the best interactive pet game on S60 with amazing graphics, excellent sound effects, and fascinating gameplay experience.

In this game, you will meet DDDragon and raise it as pet. And you will need feed it, clean it and play with it in order to let it evolve to higher stage. DDDragon features with 10 different mini games, and you will be able to play them all as DDDragon evolves. You will definitely love this game and have lots of fun.

Download DDDragon Full package include 10 mini games
Download from rapidshare
Download from megaupload

  • Amazing graphics and excellent sound effects
  • Simple and easy to play
  • Include 10 kinds of different mini games
  • Downloadable mini games, and will keep updating!
  • Use microphone to interact with your pet
  • Unique evolution system
  • Record every single memorable moment of your pet in an in-game diary


  1. T_____________T

    the megaupload link is wrong

  2. sorry for that, i have update the link for megaupload, if there any more broken link, please report, thx.

  3. there are 14 files in the rar file, i need to install all? i don´t want the mini games, i need only the principal game..

    please i need and answer