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Monday, December 28, 2009

Flash Lite 3.1 for your N73

Nokia N73 had been around the market for quite some years. N73 has it prebuild flash player, but that flash player is quite out of date. Many new software or web site that request newer flash player to function.

Currently Flash Lite 3.1 is the lastest version, it already inside most Nokia new phone. For old Nokia phone owner like us who use N73, we can update it too, but we have to do it manually.

Download Flash Lite 3.1
Download from rapidshare
Download from megaupload

After you have install Flash Lite 3.1 on your phone, you will not find any new icon on your application folder. Flash Lite 3.1 will run on the background. Just open any software or web page that require the latest flash to work to try it. It should be working perfectly now.

You can try to download this Towerbloxx flash game. It require Flash Lite 3.1 to work. If you had your Flash Lite 3.1 successfully installed, it will work.

If you are searching for older version of Flash lite, i have it too.
Flash lite 2.1



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  2. whats the use of installing this on the phone??