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Saturday, January 30, 2010

NoRedClose for symbian 3rd

All symbian phone has the red button like picture above. The red button enable you to End or Close any call instantly. It also enable you to close any application or game instantly.

The red button can be quite annoying sometimes because we usually will accidentally press it at the wrong time. I have some bad experiences with the red button. When Im playing games in final stage with my N73 but accidentally press the red button.....the whole game closed instantly and i have to play it all over again..Damn!

Now you can fix that problem. With NoRedClose, you can disable your red button, your red button will only work when you are in call. So whenever you are playing game or using any application with your phone, you never have to worry pressing the wrong button again!

After install the application, open it and let it run in background to disable red button. You can always enable the red button by exit the NoRedClose application.

This is unsigned version, so you will need hacked phone to install.
How to Hack your N73 in 5 minutes.

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  1. yeah.. this happen a lot with me too.. sometimes feel don`t want to play the games anymore when reached the final stage and then..... plup... haha.. thanks..

  2. yea it appens a lot
    by the way, when runing that app, if I press the red key will it do nothing? or will it minimize anything?

  3. If you enable the software, the red button will be disable for all except call.