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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Basic FAQ of N73 Part1

Here some basic Frequently Asked Question for N73. Part 1

1. Why my Music player didn't show new songs i just copied to my memory card?

Open the n73 music player, click back until you see the Music menu. Go to Option>Refresh Music Library.

2. Why my new songs not in the list when selecting ringtone?

No matter the song is in your phone memory or memory card. All songs must put under the folder of sound in order to play as ringtone.

3.Why there are blue LED light blinking on my N73?
N73 blinking blue light is served as a power indicator. If you see the blue blinking while the screen looks blank and black, it means N73 is still power on, but is in the sleep mode to save battery power. Without that blue light, no one could tell that N73 is power on, until any key is pressed to light on the screen.

4. How to turn off the blue blinking light?
By default, N73 factory setting turns on the sleep function, which will black out N73 screen display to achieve optimum battery power saving mode. Some user might find that the blue alert light quite annoying specially when they want to sleep at night.

To turn it off, you will need to turn off the sleep mode. Sleep mode help to save battery power.
Navigate to: Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Phone -> Display -> SLEEP MODE => off.

5. What is the function of the pencil button?

The Pencil button is B on the picture.
  • Hold the pencil button while booting your phone. You will start your phone as "safe mode" just like Windows.
  • When writing a sms, press the pencil button to insert more symbol or language.
  • To copy and paste text. It work just like Shift in the keyboard.
    When writing a text. E.g: sms. Hold pencil button while pressing left or right. It will highlight the text. After highlight the text, press copy. Now you can release the pencil button. Find place where you want to paste the text, hold the pencil button and press paste.
  • To bookmark: to bookmark on multiple files, sms, contact, hold the pencil button while pressing the direction button (up/down, left/right)
  • Copy sms to your note. Open the sms you want to copy. Hold pencil button then press the C button. Your phone will not show any sign. Now go to menu>office>notes. Your sms content will be inside your note. Cool?
6. What is the function of the menu button?
Menu button is the A button

Press one time to view the menu
Hold menu to view applications which running on background and switch between them.

7. How do i switch my N73 to silent mode?

Hold the # button

8. How to check version of my firmware?
press *#0000#
VXX.XX is your firmware version
DD-MM-YY is your firmware date
NXX-X is your phone model

9. How to make my N73 to auto lock the keypad?
menu>tools>setting>security>phone and SIM>Autolock period>user defined>choose your time.

10. How to turn on/off active standby?

Active standby will show 6 application icons and your entry of the day on the screen.

To turn it on or off

menu>tools>setting>phone>standby mode>active standby

11. How to select application for active standby?
menu>tools>setting>phone>standby mode>active standby apps.

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  1. how to uninstall nokia maps from fone?? i don't want it.. pls help.. mail me @

  2. Why my nokia n73 slide show is not working?

    I go to the gallery>image and video>image>option>slide show>start. the slide show start but the image is not changing to the next image,even if I set the delay between slides to 2.the image is remain the same.even I have a lot of images stored in do I solve this problem?

    please me

  3. Dear Sir...
    i want to install nokia map to my mobile..

    even i dont have any application to my mobile by default. i tried ur map 2.0 but its saying not compatiable to my phone..

    my v3.0638.0.030

    this s my Firmware sir... please help me how to install and map.