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Sunday, January 24, 2010


By Default, Symbian doesn't allow any animated .gif image as wallpaper or background image. Introducing AnimSpriteLite, one free software that allow you to put any .gif file as your background image. As you can see in the picture above, the jumping snoopy is the magic of AnimSpriteLite.
You can put any animation you want to your phone, just copy any gif file to your memory card or phone memory. Choose the image in the option. By Default, AnimSpriteLite already have the jumping snoopy upon installation. You can set the position and size..etc. Cool? Try it!

Download from rapidshare
Download from megaupload

This software doesn't have autoboot option, if you want this software to start play the animate once you start your phone. You can use PowerBoot to customize your own startup software.
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  1. it's not working on my says that the feature is not supported some sort like that....

  2. its also not working in my says that the feature is not supported
    n obviously m using n73 me..

  3. Mine using N73 says the feature is not supported...

  4. i need user interface as it is not appearing on my screen.

  5. after hacking my n73 me its working fine on it....

  6. After Hacking also it didnt work says "feature is not support".....