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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Battery Life v1.10

Do your phone having battery life problem? Battery life came shorter and shorter. Now this small software will help you to know more about your battery status. Just simple and free software. Enjoy!

Platform: S60v3 (OS 9.1-2-3), S60v5 (OS 9.4)
Rlstype: Freeware
Language: English (my translate)
File signed by root cert of BiNPDA

Download from rapidshare
Download from megaupload


● Displays your current battery charge percentage.
● Shows how much time is left until the battery discharge
● Shows the number of charge cycles and discharge the battery.
● Displays the date and time you want to put the phone on charge.

● Added new phone model support
● Fixed some previos bugs in changing states

P.S. After 10 cycles you get good accuracy

If you encounter problem during installation of this version, please try the new version
Click Here


  1. i get "cannot install from untrusted supplier" what do i do ? D:

    can yu please email me at if yu know how to fix the problem?


  2. weird, i did not get this error.
    Try go Menu>tool>app manager>option>
    Software installation = All
    Online Certif. Check = Off

    Mayb coz i hacked my phone so i have no problem install any software..

  3. my options in app manager were already like that ... so i guess i need to hack my phone ... can yu tell me the postitives and negatives of hacking my phone ? Thanks.

  4. Pros: install any unsign software, games, themes you want. Unlock all the possibility like changing the start up sound or nokia icon, camera sound...etc..anything you can imagine.

    Cons: might void your warranty, mayb..not sure about that.