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Monday, January 11, 2010

WebGate Advanced Device Lock Pro

Few days ago, i received an email request for this software. This is one of the best anti thief security software i have ever use. I should have share this earlier but unfortunately i don't have much time to update the blog recently.

Since i have some free time now, i would like to share it today. Introducing one of the best security software for symbian in the market today -
WebGate Advanced Device Lock Pro.
Version: v2.00.37
Unsigned cracked by illusion

This is not the latest version, Im not sharing the latest version because i heard there are some bugs and problem from user feedback. I been using this older version for a long time and did not find any problem, so i think it is better to share the most stable version.

I really like this software because it has some very usable functions to make your phone more secure. Here are some of the function of WebGate Advanced Device Lock Pro.

Application and Phone Locks

ADL Pro allows you to lock your phone automatically by choosing one of the following options:

  • Always - each time the phone is turned on.
  • When SIM Changed - if the SIM card of the phone has been changed.
  • Automatic lock - after a specified period of inactivity.
  • Protect applications - if someone tries to access the protected applications.

Secure Storage

ADL Pro comes with a password-protected secure storage where you can place your confidential files. Files can be recovered easily by entering a password. You can use the secure storage as a safe deposit box for all your confidential documents, pictures and/or audio/video files.

SMS on SIM changed

ADL Pro alerts you if the SIM card on your phone has been changed by sending a notification SMS to a predefined number. The IMSI number of the new SIM card will be secretly sent to your backup number without the notion of the unauthorized user and then your mobile operator and local authorities can assist you to track the new user, and trace the phone.

For a backup number, you can use the number of your backup phone or any other secure number, such as that of your secretary, spouse, colleague or friend. If you have more than one SIM card and you wish to authorize them to use with your phone, you can do that by simply entering your pass-code once. The SIM card(s) will be remembered for further usage.

Remote Lock and Data Wipe

Remote Lock is a combination of settings designed to protect the phone from theft and abuse. You can pre-select actions for ADL Pro to perform on your phone when an SMS with a specific keyword is received.

Available options are:

  • Lock the phone
  • Switch on an alarm
  • Delete selected data
By choosing the Delete option, you can remotely delete sensitive information from your phone, such as Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Calendar and Secure Storage to protect it from unauthorized usage. If this option is selected and remotely activated, your phone will send you an SMS with a confirmation request to prevent from accidental mistakes.

Download from rapidshare
Download from megaupload

This is unsigned version so you need hacked phone to use this software.
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