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Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to send email via your phone without connecting to the internet

I found this interesting trick on the internet. Now u can send email via your phone without connecting to the internet. Here how it work, you don't need any software, just use sms.

  1. Open a new message
  2. Enter the recipient Email and give one space than write message u want to send
  3. Send it the this number: +447747782320
Now ur message will be sent as an email. Check your mailbox, it should be reach within 10 minutes. I tested myself, it reach within 1 minute.

Tested, 100% working!

Reminder: This trick Will cost u ISD SMS COST Depends on ur service provider..

This trick works with any phone, as long as your phone can sms, it will work! Enjoy!
You might need to use this trick in case of emergency!

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  1. yes it is perfectly working.thanQ for that tip.will check your whole tips and tricks

  2. perfectly worked :)

  3. wow its amazing,,, but it not work from indonesia

    or my credit not enought to send to this number,, hahahahaha